StoryPilot reveals the impact of hundreds of films and shows how they lead to social change 

StoryPilot, formerly ImpactSpace, is a web application for mapping the social impact of documentary films. Looking at a variety of metrics of change, from attitude shifts to community formation to policy reform, StoryPilot provides a holistic view of how films transform society.



Travel through a universe of 430+ documentary films to understand the media context of current social issues


Zoom in on specific films, including your own projects, to visualize their campaign strategies and social impact


See the audience network around films and issues to pinpoint the key influencers and optimize targeted outreach



There isn’t just one kind of social change; take a multi-faceted approach to impact using data from a variety of sources


Use customizable graphs and content filters to highlight the information that is most relevant to your goals


Keep supporters engaged by sharing your insights and achievements via social media or exportable PDF