StoryPilot reveals the impact of hundreds of films and shows how they lead to social change 

StoryPilot is an interactive web application that helps filmmakers and change-makers explore the social impact of documentary films. StoryPilot provides a holistic view of social issue documentaries through innovative data analysis and visualizations.



Find the stories that exist and the story opportunities in a universe of social issues. Discover how films are changing the world through their social issue connections, partners, online campaign strategies, critical and popular reception, and social media conversation.


Pinpoint influencers, and learn how to reach them through guided tours of the the online communities around films and issues.


Take a multi-faceted approach to measuring impact that reflects your goal and priorities, incorporating social media conversation and engagement, online trailer views, press coverage, critical reception, and more.



Learn how to magnify your impact by examining how films and promotion initiatives, combined with the the media and news landscape and events, affects various kinds of impact over time and across issues. Generate reports and timelines illustrating these changes.


Share your insights and achievements via social media or exportable PDFs of infographics, scatterplots, community networks, and more.